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New Web Site (1:08 PM, 01/20/2010)

Welcome to the new site.

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Our Curriculum

john 3:16Play to Learn Child Care Center is a Christian environment. The message of the Gospel of Jesus (His birth, His death, and his resurrection) will be shared. This is best explained as how God showed his love for us through his son Jesus (John 3:16). The Gospel of Jesus will be incorporated into all that is presented in each classroom.

Play to Learn Child Care is an active learning environment. Learning tools may include but are not limited to, paint, water, sand, potting soil, markers, crayons, chalk, bubbles, etc. Active play results in messy children and their clothing. We will do our part to present developmentally appropriate practices in a safe learning environment. We ask your family pay attention to your child's clothing and dress for active messy, play. Please remember to keep several changes of cloths in your child's backpack.

The classrooms will be equipped with the tools to invoke your child's imagination. Our staff will presnt age appropriate activities to engage your child's spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and emotional stages of development. Research supports the finding that children learn best through active play. Through proper training and mentoring, staff will implement the most recent early childhood education best practices in their classroom on a daily basis.